Return & Refund & Exchange

Our High-Quality Kava products are not refundable if voluntarily opened, therefore we offer size options.

If ever a misfortune with your order happens during the transportation we will obviously compensate. If the order has been lost during transportation we will either totally refund your order or send it back to you upon your wishes. 

As well, damaged products such as opened / broken kava package during the transport will be totally refunded by our company.

Receiving a damaged product(s) is never pleasant, contact us at if it is your case.
We will ask you to send back the damaged product(s) and pictures at the reception of your product(s) to consider getting a total refund. Sending back the product(s) will be at your own cost, we will take in charge the transport cost to send you back again the product(s). You will not have the possibility to exchange your damaged product(s). We will send you the exact same product(s).


We do accept product(s) exchange if the request is done within 2 weeks maximum after receiving the product(s). The product must not be opened or damaged. Expedition cost to send us back the product(s) will be at your charge, we will support you taking in charge the cost to resend you the desired product(s).


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you encounter any problem, we will assist you the best possible!