Payments Options

Our company is currently working on getting a Credit Card payments. We encounter some problem in getting Credit Card payment because Banks in Vanuatu, do not offer yet such systems or partnerships providing worldwide Credit Card system.

There is no internet boutique in Vanuatu, this is way they does not offer yet any Credit Card payment solutions. 

Our company receive and accept payment method through :

Bank wire,

If you want to process your order payments, just make your order naturally on the website. You will receive an email confirmation first and therefore we will contact you to provide your the bank details you will need to pay your order.

Your payment might take up to 1 week before we receive your funds and care about your order.


Western Union,

Very fast, this payment option is for the ones not willing to wait the banking days of process from the Bank Wire. Same as the Bank wire, you will make your choice on our products. Once you will be done with your orders and complete it, you will receive an email of confirmation. Then, we will get in touch with you to give you details needed for your transaction.
We are already used to work with Western Union very often. This payment system has a very short processing time and can be received by our company fast which will place your order faster.
Payment can be done online by Credit Card with Western Union or in their boutique, partners across the world.
The money transfer will take up to few hours.


Coinbase Commerce (crypto-currencies).

 This payment system in already implemented on the e-boutique, therefore you can process your payment. Once it is done, a confirmation email will be sent. We will also get in touch with you... yes we are interested to hear about your actual kava experience at the time of your order! 



All in all, after completing your order, you will first receive a confirmation order email, we will then contact you by email under 24h to provide payments information you will need if you want to process payment of your order through Bank Wire or Western Union.
We remember our customers, every order will be processed only after receiving payments.