Traditional Kava form & Selection

First of all, this is important to remind everyone kava is a general world including many varieties and kava forms.

There are 2 kava family, the wild kava  also called Wichmannii and the Noble kava including methysticum varieties. There is an important difference between these both types of kava.

"Tudei kava" is not recommended and not healthy. It has unpleasant side effects and toxicity content.
"Tudei kava" (meaning "two day") get its name from the effects can last up to 2 day depending of the quantity drunk.

Vanuatu Government in collaboration with the kava expert Doctor Vincent Lebot have set rules through the "Kava Act", regulating Vanuatu kava exports to ensure the highest quality on the international market.
Before any exportation kava must be tested Noble by Vanuatu Biosecurity, therefore there should not be some Vanuatu "Tudei kava" on the international market.

Noble kava are fully healthy to drink and get its pleasant and multiple positive medicinal effects




Vanuatu Traditional Kava preparation: Dry Kava / Green & Fresh Kava ?


Traditionally prepared for thousands of years across Vanuatu islands, Kava native country, Kava has always been drunk from the Green & Fresh roots and 100% Bio.
Dry Kava has be spread all over the world instead of the Vanuatu Traditional preparation for many reasons. The first would be to understand Fijian Kava is drunk from the dry roots and Fiji is a kava provider known from the international market since long so taken as example. Also, the transportation of Green & Fresh kava was/is not an easy task.
Dry kava and Green & Fresh kava are so far really different, we wish all Kava consumers to try at least once in their life a traditional Green & Fresh Kava. As their is such a difference in this both kava forms the best would be for everyone to try to get its own opinion. One thing will be sure, you will be taken to a complete different experience!
    Our company already provide Green & Fresh kava on the international wholesales market and will be opening private sales through our website pretty soon!! 
    Kava lovers knows Green & Fresh Kava is the creme for this beverage if you are looking for the physiological effects and medicinal proprieties.




    How traditionally kava has been selected by the time in Vanuatu ?


         Since the origin farmers and communities have done a kava selection testing from the wild plant they found.  The selection was done once they tested the kava upon the effects was pleasant and effective. Once the kava was giving the expected results it was adopted and domesticated by duplicating its cuttings. Through Melanesian customs, these cuttings were shared among the nearly communities. It is through this process during several centuries that the various Noble varieties flourish in Vanuatu Islands.
    This has been a long period of testing and we thank our elders for having perpetuate their best cultivar selection while focusing on a strong physiological effect.
    Indeed, depending of the Nations the selection has not been conducted from the same way. Fijian Kava has been selected too during the same period Vanuatu did work on getting a strong physiological kava effects. Fijian Kava is meant to be drunk at any time of the day, from morning or at any moment to be served as a pleasant refreshment. 
    On the contrary, Kava is generally drunk in the evening in Vanuatu and drunk for its strong physiological effects.



    What is to drink Kava on Espiritu Santo Island - Luganville ?


          Once the day of work is over and the sun goes down you can start looking at all the different light colors spotting the entrance of Kava bars. A light on means Kava bars is open and not out of stock yet :) New comers generally get a free shell, this is our way to welcome people on the Island!
    You follow the lights placed on the different Kava bar entrance, enter one, drink a shell one-shot and have a sit talking with anyone aside if you feel like to... that's how it works, that's what we like in Santo!
    Your tongue might get an immediate tickling reaction as well as your lips. No worries that's all good, your body is getting along with Green & Fresh Kava by itself now, take a piece of fruit or anything (locally called "washing mouth"), time to relax..
    Minutes after that's already time for a second shell with your new friends just met thanks to Kava. Cheering all together after a small pray usually done by the most experienced ones, no one forget to pay god tribute shedding some of your Kava on the ground. 
    "Seken sel y go finis" (second shell is done), back on your nice bamboo bench... yes everything is getting nicer around you from now. People looks relaxed all around, no animosity, no strong voices anywhere in town... It's kava time everywhere on the Island, no strong light hurting your kava enjoyment or noises.. Your body is in the right mood for getting into a deep and pleasant relaxation, your thoughts are getting clear and your thinking ability too.
    That's a good time to analyze your day of work and plan tomorrow if you are alone. If you are in group, conversation will go on until the next shell surely :)
    The next morning you are fresh and ready when drinking Noble Kava, on contrary with Tudei Kava that will give you hard time the next day!
    There is no side effects with P.S.L Kava on the next day nor any forms of addictions with Noble Kava!