Our quality guarantee

We are highly demanding when it concerns our quality process and our Kava quality. We are trying to offer the best possible to our customers from any stage of our quality process.

This quality process starts outside our company walls, in the gardens with the farmers to select the kava and varieties to harvest.

Our kava comes from a strong quality selection process:

Visits & Selection:

Our team go in the bush and visit the potential gardens. Once the garden selection has been done, we plan an harvesting day with the farmer.


Harvesting day:

Our team go and help the farmer. The team check once again the garden, select the kava we harvest and make sure to separate varieties in different bags. During this stage, our team operate a first kava selection and cut off a maximum of unwished parts from Kava.
On the contrary with other exporters, we do not to collect Kava at our processing dock to have a complete traceability of our products and selection upstream. 


Cleaning & check:

Right after being harvested by our team, the kava arrive to our processing dock. We use a UV water system to ensure we are using a proper clean water to get a fully peeled and clean kava. Once cleaned, the kava is cut in small pieces and every single unwished parts remaining from the kava are taken away.
The following stages of the process will depend on the order, whether we prepare Green & Fresh orders (Fresh kava mince) or Dry orders (Dry Kava Powder).



Our Noble kava products contains only underground kava parts, no leaf, no stems, no skin or piece of skin and exclude all other non desired parts. We gather and select only the best parts for a Kava of Excellence.

Our exceptional location and exclusive partnerships promise some traditional - 100% Bio - delightful Kava products over years! We are in the heart of these fabulous bush gardens and in direct access from the upper quality Kava source.

We also get our kava to be tested Noble and approved for every exports by the Biosecurity of Vanuatu, a governmental institution mainly in charge of the current Vanuatu Government plan to ensure the best kava products on the international market.

Pacific Santo Limited claim to have one the best kava quality on the current market, if not the best. Only the best parts are selected from our high quality kava to deliver the best experience to our customers.


Kava is not about quantity but Quality!