Kava & Pharmaceutical Proprieties

Generally speaking, consumers have no ideas of the traditional way of drinking kava as well as the beneficial effects Kava, Piper Methysticum, has on our organism.

Kava effects mystery lies in its full green composition. Dry Kava leads to a loss of some active substances within Kava and modifies its original smell, flavor and beverage texture. This induces in a loss effect of the beverage as well.

Scientists proved kava efficiency relies on the combined action of its active substances. Separately, kavalactones present within dry kava - active principles of kava – have inferior pharmaceutical result. This is also a reason why green kava has higher effect than the dry kava.

Therefore, consumers looking for high kavalactone composition and full physiological effect should drink green and fresh Kava to get the best from it. Plus, the kava variety, age, location (as there is a kavalactone percentage variability even within the same kava variety coming from different location), dilution and the kava part chosen, are some important consideration to take into account for any kava preparation.

A great and higher kava should not have effect lasting more than several hours, depending on the consumption obviously, and mainly, kava should not have consequences on the way we feel the next morning.


There are various reasons to get along with Kava and this is more than about getting a pleasant effect of relaxation.

Kava has been the main product from the Pacific Islands within the traditional pharmacopeia which has strongly interested the World pharmaceutical industry.

Some scientific researchers have already shown excellent results regarding the action of the active substance on the human body. We could regroup the main medicinal proprieties about kava:

  • Analgesic effect
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Local anesthetic
  • Antifungal activity
  • Hypnotic (Intensifies barbiturate narcosis)
  • Antiseptic
  • Diuretic
  • Bactericidal
  • Anxiolytic
  • Antidepressant …


Physiological activities from the Kavalactone are now well known regarding the muscle relaxation clearing out heavy fatigue, the anxiolytic and antidepressant effects as well as enabling to have pleasant night, helping to sleep. In addition, kava is even more appreciated as there are no addiction, dependence or side effects drinking green kava compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

All in all, the physiologic activity within kava comes from its resinous components: kavalactones. There are 19 different kavalactones within the green kava that needs to interact with each other to reach full kava mystery healing power.

This explains why the Vanuatu traditional and natural cocktail from green and fresh roots stays the best choice for kava.

We can determinate 6 principals kavalactone (Kavain (K), Dihydro Kavain (DHK), Methysticin (M), Dihydro Methysticin (DHM), Yangonin (Y), Demonoxy Yangonin (DMY)), even though as we remember even the minor kavalactones plays an important role in the final beverage. There are a total of 19 kavalactones present in the kava.

A number is associated to each of this 6 main kavalactone as below, this gives the different chimiotpyes. Those numbers are ranked from the kavalactone with the higher percentage presence and are used to explain the different effects from different chimiotypes.

1 = Demonoxy Yangonin (DMY)

2 = Dihydro Kavain (DHK)

3 = Yangonin (Y)

4 = Kavain (K)

5 = Dihydro Methysticin (DHM)

6 = Methysticin (M)


The kavalactone percentage present in a kava will vary depending on its age, location, variety, climate and growth environment and will have different pharmacologic activities from one to the other.


Scientists has explained some of the medicinal proprieties coming from the 6 main Kavalactones after been isolated.

  • DHM has shown it could be used to treat schizophrenia thanks to its antiepileptic action.
  • DHK has been found in sufficient amount to get deliver an anxiolytic propriety

DHK and DHM are the most actives substances. Those 2 kavalactones bring molecules intensifying the barbiturate narcosis leading to smoother nights. They also provide the same analgesic effect than the aspirin with weaker doses. As well, DHK and DHM are a more efficient muscle relaxant (inhibits nerve contractions) than the substance generally used: Propanediol, Benzazole, Benzodiazepines. These 2 kavalactone combined have been efficient to inhibit convulsions caused by strychnine, even more efficient than the usual antidote: Mephenesin.


  • K, this kavalactone mostly known to have a psychopharmacological activity offer an emotional and muscle relaxation, stabilize the feelings and stimulate the capacity to think and take decision. Kavain also has some bactericidal proprieties operating efficiently against the gonorrhea and colon bacillus.

Kavain (K), Yangonin (Y) and Methysticin (M) has a positive and consequent impact on the protective genes from the nerve cells. Regarding those results it appears clearly to the scientist, those kavalactone could be used to lead the opposition against diseases such as Alzheimer or similar brain cells dysfunction.

Those scientific results from isolated kavalactones have shown Kava has many anticancer proprieties. Kava is offering lots as natural roots and scientist understood. Scientists found molecules in kava looking efficient against prostate cancer.

Kava is doing its own reputation for years now, as scientists expose its various advantage for the human body as well as human mind.

Long studies and travels have been done by Pacific Santo Limited, specialized in Kava, to find out one of the best locations to cultivate Kava while perpetuating the Biological and traditional kava culture of Vanuatu. Kava location from PSL are based where scientist, Dr. Vincent Lebot, has made tests on kavas and found the highest presence of kavalactone compared to other areas, islands and various countries.

Many scientists worked and keep working about kava to unveil all its benefits. Meanwhile, scientific reports keep exposing there is a natural and bio root born in Vanuatu that could be used as a substitute for many drugs, as it has no side effects.


All the scientific research we are relying on has been done by kava experts, such as Dr. Vincent Lebot considered as the greatest kava specialist across the world.
Reference : “Les buveurs de Kava” Dr. Vincent Lebot