• What is Kava ?

Piper Methysticum, scientifically speaking, generally named kava looks like a shrub. Kava is also the name of the beverage made from the kava plant roots.

There is 2 parts in the Kava roots, Basal & Lateral roots. Basal roots designate the central part of the kava roots and usually represent 60 to 70% of the total roots' plant. The Lateral roots, representing the other 30 to 40% of the roots' plant, are the roots spreading underground from the Basal roots. The length of the lateral roots varies depending of the varieties. Also, there is a higher kavalactone content within the Lateral roots. In other terms, Lateral roots only will procure a stronger kava beverage in effect as well as in taste.

This plant has been domesticated, selected and drunk over thousands years in the Vanuatu, Kava native country, to get its upper quality level.

Kava has taken place in people life within the Pacific and will inevitably spread over for its medicinal effects. By now, kava is mostly drunk in the Pacific zone even though it tends to open worldwide. In the rest of the world Kava is also used to prepare pharmaceutical drugs instead, such as anti-depressant drugs even though a natural kava preparation would do better result without side effects..

Kava is popular for its medicinal proprieties as well as its pleasant & healthy physiologic effects of relaxation!


  • Why kava is becoming popular ?

Kava is not "becoming" popular, Kava is "spreading" around the world once again. Wrong statements have been done regarding kava in the past leading to many countries borders lock down on Kava importations. After correction of the wrong accusation against kava, international borders gently restarted to open back. Except few countries, Kava is getting back into the global market now. 
Kava is very popular in the Pacific area since thousands of years!

This root has always strongly interest the pharmaceutical industry even in the country supposed to ban kava. Kava is the ingredient placed in anti-depressant for example! 
Kava is used to replace alcohol consumption too.

There are plenty of reason to get along with kava, the main one would be for its medicinal proprieties and the second one for the pleasant natural positive feelings and effects it will procure.

Kava has also an important social effect, opening people to talk with others in a calm way. Traditionally, Kava were/is drunk by tribes'chief before engaging any talk to fix a problematic situation. This is still an actual way to proceed between communities chief in Vanuatu.
There are no gardens without kava inside and no days without hearing someone sharing experience about kava in our country. This awesome roots is part of our country history and future



  • How to prepare your Dry kava ?

Preparation depends of the kava form you prepare. Keep in mind your objective, to extract the kavalactone ("active principle") from your kava.

Place some Dry kava powder in 2/3 of the warm water prepared for your dilution. Few minutes after, it will be time for extraction. Use the filter recommended to get the proper filter sized and let the kavalactone go through. Be aware, extraction from Dry kava is harder and require few more minutes. Do not hesitate to call the strong arms of the house to realize the squeeze. 

This stage is very important and must not be taken for goods. You will get a better kavalactone content if your squeeze is properly done

Knead, press and squeeze your kava and make sure to drown your kava powder before each squeeze.

No need to over do this stage, a preparation too long will not give the best beverage too. Consider 5 to 10 minutes depending on the quantity you are preparing.

Finally, use the last 1/3 of the water meant for dilution and do your last squeeze using this clean water. This way you make sure to get the most of kavalactones content. Regroup your water now and ensure not to leave the light white resinous substance on the bottom of your bowl, brew your solution, you do not want to miss it trust us :) 

Remember... drown your kava, squeeze, drown, squeeze, knead in water, squeeze... Make the magic happens!!

Once your juice is finally ready to be served, shake/mix your kava before serving because kavalactone needs to spread once again before each serve :) 



  • How to prepare Green & Fresh kava

    With the same objective as above to extract as much as possible kavalactone, you place your mince as for dry kava. Start leaving your large filter with the mince inside few minutes fully under your dilution water.

    Once done, knead, press and squeeze your mince for 5 to 10 minutes. You will see the water color changing by time you kneading and squeezing. Do not be in a rush to stop as for the Dry powder preparation also there is no need and beneficial to over last this stage.

    A tribal preparation using Green & Fresh take up to 20 to 30 minutes, they prepare way bigger quantity than you will as they daily prepare for the entire community. Once you have the good filters, the key lies in the squeeze and attention you take to realize it. Don't be afraid to strongly squeeze if you can, it will always be better!

    Use the second filter to clean your kava, smaller link size filter than the first filter but not too small to let the kavalactone go through. 

    We recommend for a first time to use a dilution ratio of 1/3 using Green & Fresh kava. Be aware, effects would be strongly different and acting in a more efficient way with a Green & Fresh Kava mince.



    • What quantity of kava and dilution should you apply to your beverage for each preparation ?

      The quantity of kava used for a home preparation varies depending on everyone tolerance. Kava could affect much easier or faster some of us. 

      It is important to let your body and mind set for relaxation, do not wait effects impatiently because your mind will focus on it and you will just not feel and appreciate the effect as you should.

      We recommend everyone to make its own experience to learn and get the experience because only yourself can prepare a kava optimal for the level of relaxation you are looking for.

      On a regular basis, we suggest our client to use a 1/5 dilution coefficient regarding Dry kava to start if they have no clue how to do. The dilution will directly impact the physiological effect you will get from kava. Some prefer to dilute their kava with a ratio of 1/10, this is all about personal convenience

      For a first experience, you can use 50 g for 250 ml of water so you can get 2 to 3 shells.

      As it concerns the Green & Fresh kava preparation, you have to consider the water already in the kava. Using 100 g of Green & Fresh Kava mince with a dilution of 1/3 would give a final solution of 350-400 ml.

      Vanuatu kava dilution with Green & Fresh Kava: 

          • 1/3 - 1/4 : Vanuatu Kava bars, proportionally 1 kg of kava for 3 to 4 L of ambient temperature added.
          • 1/2 - 1/3 : Vanuatu Home Kava, proportionally 1 kg of kava for 2 to 3 L of ambient temperature added.

       Those standard are generally used in Vanuatu, it will procure strong effects. To reduce the effects consider to add some more water in the dilution until finding the perfect relaxation level you want to reach!



      • Which filter should you use for your preparation ?

      Filtration stage is highly important, using a wrong filter could totally kill your kava effects!

      The best would be to have 2 filter for a green preparation (1 to squeeze and 1 to clean) and 1 filter only for the dry preparation (1 to squeeze but with small mesh).
      The first one with large link ("Squeezing Filter" is the name we give him in our Accessories page) to let the mince gives its juice containing the kavalactone easily, even though powder will end up in your water preparation that's all good.
      The second filter will be the one cleaning your kava holding the powder dropped in the preparation. You can find 2 possibilities for this filtration stage in our shop. KaliKo Filter should be used to get a lighter taste in mouth while Nylon Filters should be use to get a stronger sensation in mouth and faster preparation.

      This is crucial not to use a filter to tight for your second filter, if you use a cotton tee-shirt for instance it will adsorb the juice and hold most of the active principle. The kavalactone must go through the filter, you must be able to evacuate the water easily when you squeeze. The filter should not resist too much to let the kava water be squeezed. A filtration too fine will clean your kava for sure but will take away the effects. 

      The best your filters and kava squeeze will be and the better effects of your beverage will be!

      We recommend our customers to use our filters, available in our e-store, to get an optimal beverage.


      • How Kava is drunk in Vanuatu ?

      Traditionally Green & Fresh Kava is drunk in the evening in Vanuatu to relax after the day of work. Taking one shell of 100 ml to 200 ml drunk in one straight shot is the National way of doing. There is often a "washing mouth" reading around so you can bite in a fruit, piece of fish or meat, ...  after your kava. Shells are generally in a row around every 10-15 minutes and the average consumption is around 3-4 shell per person.

      The best if you want to prepare yourself a kava is to eat your dinner after drinking kava and not before or the physiologic effects will be reduced. Kava effects will operate easier if you are on an empty stomach!

      You should consider your environment for drinking kava, there is nothing better to get those pleasant relaxing effects when there is no noise around and weak lights. Kava will lead your entire muscles to relaxation, this is always a delight to get only small lights and no noise. 

      In Vanuatu, there is huge respect about Kava. It is not appreciated at all to get heavy noise during a Kava session. Noisy people are asked to reduce the volume and street walkers know it is no more time to walk with the out speaker on. 

      Those principles are shared by every consumers and local population in our beautiful country! The respect for kava come from traditions over everything!



      • What are the kava effects ?

       Kava effects are multiples. Asides all the medicinal proprieties kava is offering, the beverage will have an impact on you body right after consumption.

      On the contrary with alcohol, kava has a reverse tolerance and this means new drinkers might feel less the effects than a daily consumer.
      From the lips and tongue tickling to the entire body relaxation, you spirit and ability to think will be sharpen.

      Kava will clear you mind and have a positive impact on your mood and spirit. Relaxed, no stressed, ability of thinking sharpened, positive thinking... these are only few of the positive effect kava will offer to your both body and mind.

      There is nothing to worry as it concerns kava effects, you will always be in compete possession of yourself. Noble kava consumption does not lead to any hard time on the next morning, there is no side-effects.


      • Can we drive after drinking kava ?

       We do not recommend to use your car after drinking kava.


      • Is kava leading to any addiction ?

       Kava does NOT lead to any form of addiction. The only thing you could miss is ... the natural and medicinal proprieties from kava :)