About us

Our company is based on Espiritu Santo island - Vanuatu.
Pacific Santo Limited is specialized in kava ground work, kava processing and farming. We are not only a high-quality kava distributor, we are kava farming specialist. We provide both Dry kava and Green & Fresh kava. Our Green & Fresh traditional Vanuatu kava will be available pretty sooner on the public market too!! 
Vanuatu kava has always been famous for its high-quality and strong kava effects.
Kava is more than a relaxant beverage in our country, this is all about tradition and there is absolutely no reason to play around traditions for us. Therefore, we provide the same kava tribes' chief in the bush daily drinks!!
Kava is very sensitive, its quality varies a lot from a location to an other as well as the different kava varieties.


Several years of studies and travels has been needed in order to locate one of the best place ever on earth to grow the kava, not to say the best. Our own researches ended up the same results as scientific studies regarding the particular location we were looking for to get an upper kava quality.
Vanuatu kava, mostly known for its quality and to be the strongest in the world, has also different grade in its High-Quality varieties. 

Away from the sole town of Espiritu Santo, deep in the heart of the island is where you can find us. Indeed, our research has taken our company to the center of Santo.

We definitely wished to set our company in the middle of those gardens for 2 main reasons :  

- this particular location give an upper High-Quality kava, holding higher kavalactone (active principles of kava) content in their roots,
- based in the middle of this area makes the kava selection easier and mainly we can trace our kava. We decide what we harvest and when, on the contrary to receive kava from farmers at our processing dock at any time as it is mostly done everywhere on the world.


This exceptional opportunity to be right in the middle of the gardens in a free access has been given by our partners. Indeed, we built a solid partnership over years with the tribes around us to ensure we will always be providing the creme of the best only.

We are more than a normal kava distributor, we are kava farming specialists living in the heart of Santo island in the middle of those awesome kava gardens!!  We are quality Kava lovers following a dream of the highest kava quality exploitation.



At first, our company has looked for the best place to set up its Kava agricultural project. We are preparing and raising our own kava gardens right inside the location we were interested in, in the heart of the tribes'gardens where quality is something different! We are giving extra attention to our kava in order to offer some very exceptional kava quality within the next years.

Then, our partners ask our support in their kava sales on the international market. We are promoting and offering their high kava quality on the wholesales market for over several years. We do support their initiative and we will always contribute as much as possible in assisting them in their needs.

Those people are just exceptional and full of positive energy! This is a daily pleasure to spare time with them.

Each garden harvest is pending on orders and following the company specific harvest process. We are not favorable in making kava stock that will downgrade our kava quality.
Our kava selection and harvest process represent a consequent task and is our difference, this is also our guarantee of quality!

We provide 5 different Noble high quality kava single cultivar (or a mix) such as: Melomelo, Borogu, Palasa, Bir Kar & Palarasul. 



Our kava harvested are tested under the Bio-security department of Vanuatu, a government institution, in charge to ensure kava export from Vanuatu concerns only Noble High-Quality Kava.
Our products quality is our first priority, we make sure our kava is always fully peeled (kava toxicity reside in the skin) and including only the best kava parts to get the best effects.
No leaf, no stems or rotten parts can be found in our final products. To care even more about our products quality we are using a high pressure UV water system to wash, peel and clean our kava.
All our kava are from a biological agriculture, 100 % Bio.


Quality is a choice we are now offering to everyone!!


Wishing you the best kava experience ever,

Pacific Santo Team